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Ball Trough Transmitter Board (WPC-S/95/2K Version)

Pricing: $25.00 each + S/H






This board is a complete redesign of the ball trough opto transmitter PCB that is used in the following games:


  • Corvette, Dirty Harry, Indy 500, Jack*Bot, Johnny Mnemonic,
  • No Fear, Roadshow, Flintstones, The Shadow, Theatre of Magic,
  • Who Dunnit, and World Cup Soccer '94


  • Attack From Mars, Cactus Canyon, Cirqus Voltaire, Congo, Junkyard,
  • Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gophers,
  • Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Champion Pub

Pinball 2K

  • Revenge From Mars, Star Wars: Episode 1

The above games use a different trough board than the earlier widebody WPC-DCS games. The large 2 watt resistors that commonly fail on the earlier boards have been removed to a separate board. However the circuit still uses a large amount of power.

The WS95-TT opto transmitter board brings all of the improvements of the WPC-DCS version to all late model Williams/Bally games:

  • Tapered PCB conforms perfectly to the space provided and is significantly stiffer than the original, reducing board flex. Larger traces and pads for better reliability and longevity.

Also, don't forget to check out the WS95-TR receiver board!

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Component Side

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Bottom Side

Warranty Information

Great Lakes Modular offers a 6-month limited warranty for this product against all workmanship defects! This warranty does not cover any damage caused from installation, modification, or use!

Liability Information

This product was designed as an aftermarket retro-fit into specific pinball machines only! Because Great Lakes Modular has no control over the conditions surrounding the installation and use of this product, the end user shall assume all liability and agrees to fully indemnify Great Lakes Modular and its agents, for any and all damages resulting from the installation and/or use of this product.

Technical Help

Should you encounter any problems with the opto board, please email us first! We will try to help as best we can to get the board installed and working!

Pricing: $25.00 each + S/H

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering, specify the number of balls installed in your game! Later games may use up to 6 balls and requires a configuration to match the number of balls exactly!

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