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Twilight Zone Mini-Playfield Switch Kit (Version 2)

Pricing: $85.00 per set + S/H


Replaces all of the following:




Picture 1

This kit replaces the two side and two bottom switch assembly brackets on the mini-playfield on Twilight Zone. This new version adds a 2nd auxiliary switch that can be used to trigger aftermarket mods.

Picture 2

Side bracket detail.

Picture 3

Front bracket detail.

Picture 2

This picture shows the mini playfield with the original factory brackets on the left, and the replacement brackets (original version) on the right. Notice that there is no longer any obstruction of the playfield from the grey switch covers!

Picture 5

The right hand side of the mini playfield with original factory bracket. The switch wires can take a beating here being exposed!

Picture 6

The new side brackets cover and protect this area. Again, note the clear open view of the mini playfield with the new brackets!

Picture 7

A close up shot of the side switch assembly and the switch contact pads (auxiliary switch on left, game matrix switch on right).

Picture 7

A close up shot of the front switch assembly and the switch contact pads.

Warranty Information

Great Lakes Modular offers a 6-month limited warranty for this product against all workmanship defects! This warranty does not cover any damage caused from installation, modification, or use!

Liability Information

This product was designed as an aftermarket retro-fit into specific pinball machines only! Because Great Lakes Modular has no control over the conditions surrounding the installation and use of this product, the end user shall assume all liability and agrees to fully indemnify Great Lakes Modular and its agents, for any and all damages resulting from the installation and/or use of this product.

Technical Help

Should you encounter any problems with the product, please email us first! We will try to help as best we can to get the board installed and working!

Pricing: $85.00 per set + S/H

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