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System 11 Interconnect Board

Pricing: $110.00 each + S/H






This board is a replacement for the interconnect board found on many System 11 pinball games.


  • Larger traces and pads for better reliability and longevity.
  • Activity LEDs for the A/C relay circuit and flipper switches.**
  • Connectors are labeled in detail for easier troubleshooting.
  • Mounting keyholes for easy installation and removal.

** Note: Not available on D-12185 versions - Taxi and Swords of Fury

Click on any image for a larger version.

Picture 1
New board component side.

Picture 2
Comparison with original board component side. Note GI burn on right side.

Picture 3
Comparison with original board bottom side. Repaired GI and 12V traces.

Picture 4
New board mounted in game. A/C Relay circuit LED is lit.

Ordering Information

Each interconnect board is unique to the game it is going in. Please be sure to let us know which game you plan to use this product in when ordering!

This product is built to order and may not ship immediately after ordering. Please inquire about current lead times on order fulfilment!

Warranty Information

Great Lakes Modular offers a 6-month limited warranty for this product against all workmanship defects! This warranty does not cover any damage caused from installation, modification, or use!

Liability Information

This product was designed as an aftermarket retro-fit into specific pinball machines only! Because Great Lakes Modular has no control over the conditions surrounding the installation and use of this product, the end user shall assume all liability and agrees to fully indemnify Great Lakes Modular and its agents, for any and all damages resulting from the installation and/or use of this product.

Technical Help

Should you encounter any problems with the opto board, please email us first! We will try to help as best we can to get the board installed and working!

Pricing: $110.00 each + S/H

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