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Pinball 2000 LCD Mounting Kit

Pricing: $75.00 per set + S/H

Picture 1

This kit allows you to replace the original CRT monitor with practically any size LCD monitor. A great addition to your Nucore upgrade!

Picture 2

This is the assembled frame without the LCD mounted. The weight of the entire frame is just over three pounds!

Picture 3

The first step is to assemble the upper support bracket with the fluorescent light.

Picture 4
Picture 5

Attach the two light posts to the support bracket.

Picture 6

Attach the fluorescent light bar to the two posts.

Picture 7

Next attach the LCD carrier frame to the back of the LCD.

Picture 6

Note that the LCD is mounted all the way forward on the carrier. Now attach the lower support bracket to the carrier.

Picture 7

Note that the carrier is mounted to the support bracket as low as possible.

Picture 8

Flip the LCD around so that the support bracket faces towards the head.

Picture 9

Pull the support bracket up into the head so that it's resting on the bottom edge of the monitor opening.

Picture 10

Pull the whole LCD up into the head and rest the top part of the carrier on the top edge of the opening and attach the lower support bracket to the head with two of the original monitor mounting screws.

Picture 11

Place the black paper strip under the carrier at the top and center it horizontally so that the paper covers any open gap at the top of the opening. You'll need to punch a couple of holes in the paper so you can feed the upper mounting screws through.

Picture 12

Attach the upper support bracket with the fluorescent light.

Picture 13

Attach the LCD carrier to the upper support bracket (Note: you'll need to adjust the LCD and the carrier frame around to get the LCD into the optimal position).

Picture 14

Here are some pictures of the LCD installed (note that the translight is properly illuminated).

Picture 15

And one more.

Warranty Information

Great Lakes Modular offers a 6-month limited warranty for this product against all workmanship defects! This warranty does not cover any damage caused from installation, modification, or use!

Liability Information

This product was designed as an aftermarket retro-fit into specific pinball machines only! Because Great Lakes Modular has no control over the conditions surrounding the installation and use of this product, the end user shall assume all liability and agrees to fully indemnify Great Lakes Modular and its agents, for any and all damages resulting from the installation and/or use of this product.

Technical Help

Should you encounter any problems with the product, please email us first! We will try to help as best we can to get the board installed and working!

Pricing: $75.00 per set + S/H

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