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Capcom Ball Trough Board Set (CPCM-TT and CPCM-TR)













Board Set

These boards are complete redesigns of the B0015601 and B0015701 ball trough boards that fit the following Capcom pinball machines:

As with other ball trough boards, the Capcom boards suffer from high heat and less than ideal circuit board construction. Where the WMS style used large 2 watt resistors to help with heat dissipation, Capcom used 1/4 watt resistors, which have less surface area, but on the plus side, less mass, so they don't vibrate off like the WMS ones!

The high heat put out by the resistors can cause premature failure of the infrared optos. This typically results in multiple balls in play or endless multiball.

The newly redesigned board has a number of significant advances that improve over the original:

  • Less heat generated - about 20 degrees cooler than original boards!
  • Better board construction with large traces and pads for more reliability.
  • Better IR efficiency. Output power of the infrared opto transmitters is over twice that of the original boards without any additional current consumption!
  • Visual status LEDs have been added to the transmitter board and are easily checked from outside the machine! One green LED shows the health status of the one IR LED chain. One red LED indicates power being delivered to the board.

Click on any image for a larger version.

Picture 1

Original transmitter board and the new version.

Picture 2

Original receiver board and the new version.

The above two images show the remarked difference between the original board and the new design!

In the following images, we took temperature readings of the old transmitter board and the new one. Each board was left running for 5 minutes and the board was scanned for the hottest spot before the picture was taken.

Picture 3

That's 114 degrees Fahrenheit!

Picture 4

The new board is a much cooler 95 degrees Fahrenheit!

Warranty Information

Great Lakes Modular offers a 6-month limited warranty for this product against all workmanship defects! This warranty does not cover any damage caused from installation, modification, or use!

Liability Information

This product was designed as an aftermarket retro-fit into specific pinball machines only! Because Great Lakes Modular has no control over the conditions surrounding the installation and use of this product, the end user shall assume all liability and agrees to fully indemnify Great Lakes Modular and its agents, for any and all damages resulting from the installation and/or use of this product.

Technical Help

Should you encounter any problems with the opto boards, please email us first! We will try to help as best we can to get the board installed and working!


Please note that at this time, these boards are only available as a set. They are not available individually!

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